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Certiphi’s Report Scoring System automates the applicant decision-making process by systematically delivering a “pass” or “review” grade along with, or even in place of, each background report, based on your unique hiring criteria.

With Report Scoring System, you’ll spend less time processing and reviewing background investigation results, because you’ll know immediately which candidates meet your criteria and which ones don’t. The system ensures uniform application of your criteria to each applicant. And, we can configure the system to import score results directly into your HRMS/HRIS technology to trigger next steps in your hiring process.

Our report scoring can be based on almost any objective criteria, including a felony conviction, bankruptcy or a discrepancy in employment or education history.

To further streamline the hiring process, Report Scoring System also offers adjudicated pass/review capability, which allows you to edit a report's grade to a final “pass” or “review” hiring decision, and enter notes on the rationale for that decision.